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Travel Tech

It is a conference focused on technologies applied in hospitality, travel and tourism, bringing together top global professionals and companies.

Travel Tech

It is a conference focused on technologies applied in hospitality, travel and tourism, bringing together top global professionals and companies.

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Travel Tech 2021

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The Travel Tech series of conferences were launched in 2020 – during the most unprecedented travel market that we’ve ever experienced – to teach hotels how to adjust their operations to regain profitability, no matter how the COVID-19 pandemic affects demand.

The Travel Tech series of conferences bring together hotels, OTAs and hospitality technology companies to learn about operational technology and obtain actionable insights on how to leverage recent innovations to speed up travel recovery worldwide.

Already, there have been two highly successful Travel Tech conferences in the LATAM and APAC regions, with an average of 150 live viewers for each daily panel. Now, Travel Tech is coming to Europe, Middle East and Africa, for the upcoming Travel Tech EMEA conference, taking place on November 23-27, 2020.

In March 2021, the Travel Tech series of conferences will continue with Travel Tech NORAM, continuing to provide hoteliers worldwide with region-specific information and support, enabling them to survive – and thrive! – during the pandemic and beyond.

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Vinicius Geraldo – Vice President Bookonlinenow

Results oriented, high performance-driven, and business development executive with deep knowledge of e-commerce, specially the travel industry, international strategy and operations. +Ver mais

Carrie Wilder – Director South America – Expedia Group

Experienced regional director for South America with a demonstrated history of results, growing businesses in different industries. +Ver mais

Antonio Omañas – Head of Global Sales Roiback

Experienced Head Of Market Development with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Skilled in Negotiation, E-commerce, Hotel Management +View more

Gregorio Núñez – Director of Business Development, Spain & LATAM at Profitroom

Being a dedicated person with a long experience in tourism and travel tech trade, I am running my own company ESPOL Consulting what allows me among others +View more

Carlos Rentero – Director Spain & Latam en Bookassist

Result–focused Business Executive with 20+ years of success in the hospitality industry with international experience. Proven ability to create and lead effective teams +Ver mais

Salim Arkuch – Vicepresidente Regional para America Latina y el Caribe

Experienced multicultural executive with a successful history of working in the Travel, Tourism and Technology industries. Highly skilled in Management, Negotiation, Sales, Marketing +View more

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Patricia Diana – Sales manager iDeaS

Area Manager, New Business EMEA at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, with more than 20 years’ experience in Revenue Management implementation in hospitality: team training +Ver mais

Mauricio Sana – CEO en Flybondi

Strategic, data driven and result oriented manager. Entrepreneur.
Experienced in revenue management, business intelligence, business process management, product design, team leadership, distribution and commercial areas. +View more

Alex Gomez – Head of Data Solutions – AIRDNA

Travel & Hospitality were built into my DNA, coming from a hospitality family. I started with the dream of doing this grandiose corporate career, but somewhere along the way I felt lost. +View more

Rudi Azevedo – CEO & Founder RM Hub

Knowledge of Rooms & Marketing budget, marketing&business plans, Rate parity, forecast reports, SEO, SEM, OTA’S, Channel Management, Price Optimization +View more

Rossanna Alterio – Global Customer Success Manager Lybra

Lybra Assistant RMS helps hotels to identify and capture potential revenue opportunities plus automate time-consuming revenue management processes, using machine +Ver mais

Xavier Cardenas Becerra – CEO – My Revenue

I am passionate and dedicated to helping companies in their digital transformation journey with my international experience as a DBA(c) Doctor in Business +Ver mais

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Francisco Nogueira – Country Manager

Increase your direct bookings and your customer satisfaction with our cutting edge AI-powered Chat Booking Assistant and a one-stop platform for all your communication channels. +Ver mais

Cristina López – Sales Director Spain & Latino América en ReviewPro

Experienced Sales Director with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Management, Negotiation, Sales, and E-commerce. +View more

Federico Elmer – CEO HS LATAM

Profesional con más de 20 de experiencia en hotelería. Emprendedor, enérgico, proactivo, con fuerte orientación a resultados. +View more

Jaimes Patrick – CEO da Tag

Cofundador y director de operaciones de Tag, una startup de innovación hotelera. Empresa líder en el segmento con uno de nuestros productos en Brasil. Presente en grandes +Ver mais

Cinta Massó Díaz – Sales Director Spain & Latam in The Hotels Network

Professional with over 10 years experience in tourism. With extensive experience in strategic sales management, in on-line hotel distribution, e-commerce +Ver mais

Franco Roberto – CTO at HSystem

Software architect, .NET platform specialist, with over 10 years of experience in software development for the most varied segments. Excellent communication. +Ver mais

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Patrick Phelps – Senior Account Manager

Infor is a world class provider of cloud based ERP solutions to the hospitality industry. +Learn more

Andrés Benito Medina – Sales Account Manager

yieldPlanet is providing innovative revenue management solutions and global distribution connectivity for the hospitality industry with the aim of solving hotels’ online distribution and pricing problems. +Learn more

João Freitas – Director of Growth & Partnerships

Being an entrepreneur since forever, I’ve had the chance to learn, practice and share a lot of different business, growth and marketing strategies, in both B2B/B2C industries. +Learn more

Julian Lindt – Director de ventas para Latam- eRevMax

eRevMax is a global travel technology company that helps hotels to maximise online revenue opportunities through real-time ARI distribution, market intelligence and connectivity solutions. +Learn more

Joan León – COO & Founder at Hub OS

HUB was born to fill an existing gap in hotels regarding operational management. +Learn more

Fernando Macedo – CEO – Grupo Zavia

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the cloud tourism industry. +Learn more

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Pablo Montero – Univ. Nacional de La Plata

Bachelor in Tourism & Master in Tourism Management, Professor & Researcher, Tourism Marketing Consultant, Sales & Revenue Consultant for Hotels, IT for Tourism Trainer & Implementer, Tourism & Hospitality Education Manager. +Learn More

Ezequiel Piccolomini – Univ. Argentina De la Empresa

Educational Institution, providing educations services for people of all over Latin America. The university has several courses, related to public relations, econocmics and social sciences. +Learn more

Pablo Kohen – Univ. Nacional de Quilmes

Licenciado en Sociología (UBA), es consultor internacional en tecnologías aplicadas a organismos y empresas turísticas. Se ha desempeñado en proyectos de evaluación, implementación +Learn more

Luciana Prado – Univ de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales

La excelencia, un compromiso. El marco global para los futuros profesionales se encuentra caracterizado +Ver mais

Juan Pablo Vázquez Loaiza – Univ Politecnica Salesiana del Ecuador

Maestria en administracion de empresas sede cuenca, master universitario en planificacion de proyectos de desarrollo rural y gestion sostenible +Ver mais

Sandra Patricia – Docente investigadora – Fundación Universidad Los Libertadores

La Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores es una Institución de Educación Superior creada mediante Resolución 7542 del 18 de mayo de 1982, expedida por el Ministerio de Educación Nacional. +Ver mais

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Omar Trejoluna Puente – Profesor Investigador- Universidad de Guanajuato

La fundación de la Universidad de Guanajuato se remonta al año de 1732, a partir de entonces fue adoptando varios nombres, hasta que en marzo de 1945 adquirió el rango de Universidad y el nombre con el que se le conoce.

Fernando Puente Zambrano – Presidente Ejecutivo- CIDTUR LATAM

Master in Tourism Management, Universitat d ‘Alacant, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, ​​Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. SPAIN IUP. With 20 years Experience +View more

João Marcelo – Founder at personal2travel

Entrepreneur and founder of personal2travel, he’s passionate about traveling, INNOVATION and the Startups environment. One of his main goals in life is to leave a legacy of helping +Ver mais

Carolina Tkchuk – Directora Operativa

Graduada en la Licenciatura en Comercio Internacional por la Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ). +Ver mais

David Giner Sánchez – Coordinador de Proyectos en Invat·tur

El Invat·tur es un centro especializado en la generación y transferencia de conocimiento turístico, mediante el desarrollo de actividades de investigación, desarrollo e innovación (I+D+i) +Ver mais

Erick Navarro – Cluster Manager

Administrador de empresas de la Universidad Externado de Colombia, durante 7 años me he desempeñado como consultor en innovación, estrategia y desarrollo de negocios +Ver mais

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Esteban Varela – IT Account Manager

Travel industry & Tech expert with a vast experience in consulting services and project implementations for Online Travel Agencies. +Ver mais

Cristóbal Forttes Vial – Subsecretario de turismo Chile

Viajero de corazón e Ingeniero Comercial (MBA) de profesión. Soy un convencido de que los viajeros pueden impactar positivamente al mundo y que Chile +Ver mais

Rodrigo Vaz – Diretor Comercial

Experienced and self-motivated professional and MBA with background B2C and B2B international business.
20 years of solid experience in sales and digital sales +Ver mais

Constanza de la Cruz – Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Toda mi vida trabajé en turismo. Me di el gusto de viajar y recorrer senderos para observar el mundo y la Naturaleza en su versión más prístina. +Ver mais

Toda mi vida trabajé en turismo. Me di el gusto de viajar y recorrer senderos para observar el mundo y la Naturaleza en su versión más prístina.

Desde que creamos Avantrip.com descubrí otro mundo que me apasionó: el de la generación de impacto con esta industria a través de la innovación.

Me apasionan el turismo y como la tecnología junto con la información y la creatividad tienen la capacidad de rediseñar vidas y oportunidades. El turismo somos todos y es en todos lados.