HUB TIPS for your Housekeeping, Maintenance and F&B

The hospitality industry is not changing – already changed!
Hoteliers that did nothing to adapt their hotels will face difficult challenges soon.

Let’s jump into some of the tips that can make any department’s life much easier!

So, after establishing health and hygiene safety measures, you might think: What comes next in my housekeeping department?

More efficiency, better productivity and higher quality rates is exactly what you and every single hotelier is looking for!

However, bear in mind that without the right resources and tools, you can’t simply expect your housekeeping team to excel in their duties. Believe us, they’re already doing a lot!

So, besides cleaning, changing the linen and replacing amenities, their responsibilities and importance go way beyond that.

▸ Staff planning and management
▸ Stock control
▸ Task allocation
▸ Rooms inspection
▸ Linen management
▸ Guests requests
▸ Communication with Front Desk and Maintenance

Ok, now imagine doing all of this with excel sheet and paper. Are you seeing the madness already? 

It’s time, now more than ever, to provide an easy, customisable and affordable tool to your housekeeping department.
More mobility, more automation and better interdepartmental communication.


What about your hotel maintenance?

Would you know what is the most recurring mechanical or engineering issue at your hotel? 

And how much time and money are you losing with those repeated faults?

This is what Hub OS Maintenance is for, to help you oversee all of this and much more.

Firstly – data! 
Data is super important to operate your hotel efficiently.

But you won’t have these insights if all your staff is multitasking with printed checklists!

▸ Register digitally any faults.
▸ Don’t miss any preventive task, avoiding any future incidents.
▸ Get complete traceability on tasks.
▸ Educate your staff while automating your operations.
▸ Analyse your savings, both in time and money.

Let’s go to the F&B department to finish with our Hub tips.

But first we have to acknowledge the struggles of this department.
How many of you, F&B experts, struggled with any of the points below?
▸ The hassle to find the room where the guest is in the many pages we have in front of us – and the queue keeps growing.
▸ How many guests are missing breakfast?
▸ Are there any guests with special requirements or allergies?
▸ Is the food enough? Do I need more staff for the service?We will repeat ourselves again, but here it goes: embrace the digitalization in all your departments, no exception!

But focusing now in F&B:
▸ Create shifts for any service time (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Organise and control the maximum-safest occupancy that you have established.
▸ Manage the restaurant bookings based on the above.
Plan ahead for manpower and food delivery to maintain quality service at all levels.
▸ Allow your guests to book a table without having to go to the reception.
In a contactless way (web-based), your guests can choose the available times and have a real-time seating occupancy by colours, avoiding the busiest hours.

More mobility, more automation and better interdepartmental communication.
And it doesn’t have to be expensive to evolve your hotel!

At Hub we actively listen to the industry needs and struggles, making sure we have you covered in all the operation stuff.

Get in touch! 

We are here to help.

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