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BenchDirect: A brand-new FOREVER free benchmarking solution from The Hotels Network

A very exciting launch happened last week at Travel Tech USA & Canada: The Hotels Network launched their new benchmarking solution, BenchDirect, designed to help hotels be more competitive to increase direct bookings and, as a result, decrease their reliance on the OTAs. 😀

But wait, here’s the best part: to help support hotels during these challenging times, the Hotels Network is offering BenchDirect to hotels for FREE, FOREVER!! 🤯🥳

Sign-up to use BenchDirect at your property, for free, forever, at

With the impact of COVID, hotels are being squeezed financially more than ever before – making increasing conversion rates on the direct booking channel especially important. Using The Hotel Network’s Bench Direct solution, hotels can now see, at a glance, where their property stands in comparison to their competition, making it easier for hotels to gauge their pricing and distribution strategies and, if they are not up-to-par, make changes to remain competitive.

Book a meeting with Carrie Ell from The Hotels Network to sign-up to use BenchDirect, for free, FOREVER, at your property 👉

Learn more about the importance of direct bookings – and effective benchmarking data, from BenchDirect, in ensuring the highest direct booking conversion rates – in Carrie Ell’s Pitch Session, from last week’s event:

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